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To share, learn, develop and enjoy the classical art of Bharata Natyam with all members of society and to make the beautiful art of Bharata Natyam accessible, inspiring, challenging and innovative.

Wales' only professional Indian Dance Company

India Dance Wales is Wales' premier professional Indian Dance company and has been enchanting audiences with the art of Classical Indian Dance since 1983. The company has made its mark as the driving force for creating and establishing an interest in Indian Dance in Wales with its regular class schedule across South Wales and the West, and its numerous workshops, community work and productions

India Dance Wales specialises in the Classical dance form of Bharata Natyam, one of the most dynamic and internationally popular styles of Indian Dance. This ancient art form is based around Hindu mythology and originated in Hindu temples as a form of worship to the Gods. Its emphasis is on physical dance movements as well as expressional dance (storytelling through mime, using hand gestures and facial expression) to create this dynamic art form.